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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bucks Fizz - The Land Of Make Believe

'The Land of Make Believe' is a song produced by Andy Hill for Bucks Fizz, with music by Hill and lyrics by ex-King Crimson member Peter Sinfield. Despite the apparent sugar-coated style of the song, Sinfield later claimed it was a subtle attack on Margaret Thatcher and her government's policy at the time.

'The Land of Make Believe' was the second of three UK number 1 singles for the British Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz, staying at the top for two weeks in January 1982. It remained on the charts for 16 weeks.

The song has a rocky edge, mixed with a spooky beginning, which entices the listener. The lyrics are based on a child's dream where ghostly voices lure the child outside to a world where everything is bright and happy, but the child resists. Characters, Superman and Captain Kidd are referenced in the lyrics. The close of the song features a nursery rhyme narrated by Abby Kimber, who was the 11-year old daughter of an executive of RCA Records. This was an original piece, penned by Sinfield, and read:

"I've got a friend who came to tea,
And no-one seems to know but me,
He came today, but had to go
To visit you? You never know!"

At the time, radio stations were instructed to fade the song before the narration, never knew why.

The music video is a parody of many childhood stories. It begins in a black and white bedroom, with Cheryl in bed, before waking up and in a parody of The Wizard of Oz the picture changes to colour, and Cheryl is transformed by a fairy in the style of Cinderella. She then walks from everyday life, through a gap into a winter wonder land and has to push her way through many fir trees, in a copy of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", before joining the rest of the band on stage.

The single was released in November 1981 and became a top 10 hit in December, being popular over Christmas and being placed at No.5 for the Christmas chart. The following week it was placed at No.2, behind The Human League's 'Don't You Want Me', before finally taking over at Number 1 in January.

The song was later included on the group's second album, Are You Ready

'The Land of Make Believe' remains a firm fan favourite and reviews in the press at the time were positive with Smash Hits calling the song "sheer genius" and more recently Q Magazine labelling the song "not half bad" and "an 80s classic". Members Bobby G and Cheryl Baker have both named it as the best of their own songs. The song became the biggest selling single by the group in the UK, outselling their Eurovision winner 'Making Your Mind Up', to finish as the 41st biggest seller of the 1980s in the UK. It also reached Number 1 in The Netherlands and Ireland, while in Germany it also became their biggest selling single. The song became the group's debut single release in the US, but was unsuccessful there

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Remixed Version
Now Your Gone - B-Side


Bucks Fizz - Land Of Make Believe - Video

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