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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

UB 40 - Signing Off - Album

'Signing Off' is the debut album by UB40, released in the UK on 29 August 1980 by Graduate Records. It reached number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and spent a total of 71 weeks on the chart, and received a Platinum certification by BPI on 11 June 1981.

Signing Off was UB40's first album and it featured a mix of reggae and dub material which was lyrically politically charged and socially conscious, while musically it was reverb-heavy, doom-laden yet mellifluous, best exemplified in the hits 'King' and 'Food For Thought' as well as the searing 'Burden of Shame'.

The original vinyl album consisted of a ten-track LP plus a 3-track 12-inch record which included the tracks 'Madam Medusa', 'Strange Fruit' and 'Reefer Madness'.

Click the link below to download the album:
01 - Tyler
02 - King
03 - 12 Bar
04 - Burden of Shame
05 - Adella
06 - I Think It's Going to Rain Today
07 - 25%
08 - Food for Thought
09 - Little by Little
10 - Signing Off

Included is the 3 track 12 inch that came free with the album:
01 - Madam Medusa
02 - Strange Fruit
03 - Reefer Madness


Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls - Album

A Flock of Seagulls (also known as Flock of Seagulls) are a British Grammy Award-winning band originally formed by brothers Michael "Mike" Score (keyboards, vocals) and Alister "Ali" James Score (drums), with Frank Maudsley (bass) and Paul Reynolds (guitar).

'A Flock of Seagulls' is the bands eponymous debut album and was released in 1982 on Jive Records and featured international smash hit, 'I Ran (So Far Away)', which reached the top 10 in the U.S. and New Zealand, as well as number 1 in Australia. The song 'Space Age Love Song' also managed to score radio play. On the success of the singles, the album reached number 32 in the UK and 10 in the States.

The album received good reviews upon its release. It is generally recognized as a concept album about alien abduction with the tracks thus following a sequential story line. In his review for allmusic, Tom Demalon gave the album 4.5 stars, calling it "great fun and a wonderful collection of new wave ear candy". Robert Christgau ("The Dean Of American Rock Critics") was also happy with it, giving it an A- and saying that it is "so transparently, guilelessly expedient that it actually provides the hook-chocked fun most current pop bands only advertise." Other reviews pointed out the bands "pioneering sounds, compelling hooks and undeniably addictive gimmicks."

The band, and particularly this album, were influential during the 1980s, if not for their memorable image then for their surprisingly effective production techniques, which at one point garnered the respect of legendary record producer Phil Spector, who in the 1980s called the album "phenomenal."

Though this album was released in 1982, the songs 'You Can Run', 'Modern Love Is Automatic', and 'D.N.A.' came out in 1981 as part of the band's very first release, a self-titled EP which also included 'Telecommunication' and a non-LP track, 'Tanglimara'.

I have to say that this is still one of my favs albums of the 80's from a great band.

Click the link below to download the labum:

01 - I Ran
02 - Space Age Love Song
03 - You Can Run
04 - Don't Ask Me
05 - Messages
06 - Telecommunication
07 - Modern Love Is Automatic
08 - Standing In The Doorway
09 - D.N.A.
10 - Man Made
11 - Tokyo - Extra Track


Friday, 24 September 2010

The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes

The song Charlotte Sometimes is based on Charlotte Sometimes, a children's novel by Penelope Farmer, published in 1969.

Lyrics include "she was crying and crying for a girl who died so many years before" and "sometimes I'm dreaming where all the other people dance". It has dream-like rhythmic and melodic structures; recurring modal transitions, numerous harmonic suspensions and lamenting vocals create a feeling of inevitable drift into darkness. Originally a non-album single released in between Faith and Pornography, the song later appears on the 2005 reissue of Faith. A powerful live take was included on the Concert album

The B-Side of 'Charlotte Sometimes' is 'Splintered in Her Head', which is also based on the novel. The mood of 'Splintered in Her Head' is overall more disquieting, with metallic, distorted vocals and heavy percussion, foreshadowing the next year's Pornography. The Cure released a third song based on the novel, called The Empty World on the album The Top.

The ten minute live version of Faith on the B-side of the 12" version was recorded at the Sydney Capitol Theatre in August 1981 by the then Australian Broadcasting Commission's youth radio station 2JJJ. This version is reproduced on Disc 2 of the deluxe reissue of album Faith.

The cover of the single is a distorted picture of Mary Poole, Robert's then-girlfriend and now-wife. The same picture was used again as the cover of The Cure's 1990 single Pictures of You, but in that case the picture was clear and undistorted.

Link removed due to DMCA notice

The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes - Video

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Visage - Visage - Album

'Visage' is the eponymous debut album from the British pop group Visage, recorded at Genetic Sound Studios in Reading and released by Polydor Records on 10 November 1980.

The album reached number 13 in the UK and was certified "Silver" by the British Phonographic Industry in March 1981. There were 4 singles released from the album being 'Tar', 'Fade To Grey', 'Mind of a Toy' and 'Visage'.

Click the link below to download the album:


01 - Visage
02 - Blocks on Blocks
03 - The Dancer
04 - Tar
05 - Fade to Grey
06 - Malpaso Man
07 - Mind of a Toy
08 - Moon Over Moscow
09 - Visa-age
10 - The Steps


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Adam Ant - Strip

After the split from Adam and the Ants, Ant went solo, taking his song writing partner Pirroni with him.

In 1983, Ant worked with Phil Collins and Richard James Burgess on the Strip album which was recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm.

The Title track 'Strip' was released as the second single from the album in 1983 and featured Phil Collins playing drums on the track, and singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, of ABBA fame, performing the female spoken part on the song.

However the BBC banned both the video and the song which peaked at number 41 in the UK singles chart and number 42 in the US.

Click the link below to download the following:
Only UK TV Performance
Single Version
Extended Version
Demo Live Version

Yours, Yours, Yours - Extended B-Side


Adam Ant - Strip - Video

Monday, 20 September 2010

Double - The Captain Of Her Heart

There aren't that many Swiss bands that achieved international success, but the duo band Double (pronounced doo Ble) managed it in 1985 with their 4th single 'The captain of her heart'.

Taken from their 1985 debut album Blue, the song is a ballad about a girl waiting in vain for her absent lover to return.

The song was an international success, reaching number 8 in the UK Singles Chart and number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, it was a top 10 hit in the Dominican Republic, Italy, Canada, France, Norway and Germany. Interesting enough, it only reached number 11 in Switzerland.

The cover does make it look like that there are 4 members in the band. However if you look closly the two members are cloned. Always loved this track as it was a soulful balled.

Click the link to download the following:
Official Music Video
US Official Video
Single Version
12 inch Version
US Extended Version
Steady Groove Mix
Your Prayer Takes Me Off (Part 2) - B-Side
Your Prayer Takes Me Off (Part 2) - Dub Version


Double - Captain of her Heart - Video

Double - Captaiin of her Heart - US Video

Depeche Mode - Black celebration - Album

'Black Celebration' is the fifth studio album by Depeche Mode. Released by Mute Records on 17 March 1986, it further cemented the darkening sound that was initially hinted towards on their album Construction Time Again.

Black Celebration did not sell as well as the previous album, and none of the three singles was a big hit. The album is one of their darkest as well, focusing more on the band's bleak side.

Black Celebration is the Depeche Mode album that has the most songs with Martin Gore on lead vocals: 'A Question of Lust', 'Sometimes', 'It Doesn't Matter Two', 'World Full of Nothing' and 'Black Day' as a bonus track. The remaining tracks are sung by David Gahan.

The track 'Fly on the Windscreen' had already been released as the B-side of the 'It's Called a Heart' single. The band decided to rework the song (adding new effects and making it more stereophonic) and released it as the 'Final' version on this album. It was later performed live, and given a slight hip hop edge during the 1993 Devotional Tour. A recorded performance of this version is featured in the live video Devotional and a special live single of 'In Your Room'.

01 - Black Celebration
02 - Fly on the Windscreen - Final
03 - A Question of Lust
04 - Sometimes
05 - It Doesn't Matter Two
06 - A Question of Time
07 - Stripped
08 - Here Is the House
09 - World Full of Nothing
10 - Dressed in Black
11 - New Dress

Bonus Tracks
12 - Breathing in Fumes
13 - But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
14 - Black Day

Click the link below to download the album: