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I keep getting Emails from people asking me to re-upload the links and music etc. I think people are just getting to those particular pages so are not reading the reason for the dead links.

So I am putting this in place so hopefully people will read it and stop Emailing me about it.

The reason the links are dead is that my account with Media Fire has been closed with all 11,000 files lost. That is why you can not download the things and No I can not re-upload them.

Eventually I will start doing that again when I have found something suitable. In the meantime this blog will be information only blog.

Thank you all


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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Account Suspension

I have been on my account for Media Fire today and have found that the account has been suspended and all of the files on there has been deleted.

I will now take the next few weeks to think about what I will do but for now this will be the last post for a while.

All I can say is thank you for all the support you have given me since I started this blog and all the great comments you have sent also.

Hopefully I will be back to posting but for now we will see how things go.

Thank you all again.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Echo And The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

'The Killing Moon' is a single by the band Echo and the Bunnymen. It was released on their 1984 album, Ocean Rain. It is one of the band's highest-charting hits, reaching number nine in the UK Singles Chart, and often cited as the band's greatest song.

Ian McCulloch has said: "When I sing 'The Killing Moon' I know there isn't a band in the world who's got a song anywhere near that."

According to the liner notes of Echo and the Bunnymen's Crystal Days box set, Ian McCulloch woke up one morning with the phrase "fate up against a whale" in mind. He wrote it down but then decided to change it to 'your will' later.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
All Night Version
Do It Clean - B-Side
Do It Clean - Live - 12 inch Extra Track

DMC Takedown Notice Received

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Wild Swans - Young Manhood

The Wild Swans released their second single in the now revamped line of the group, which fans refer to as The Wild Swans MK II, in 1988.

their second single entitled 'Young Manhood' was a departure from the sound the band developed during the first incarnation.  

Like the first single the second also failed to enter the charts.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Holy, Holy - B-Side
The World Of Milk And Blood - 12 inch Extra Track

Circuit 7 - Video Boys - Album

I've featured the only 2 singles to be produced by the band Circuit 7 before they disbanded.

Today I've got an album released a couple of years ago entitled 'Video Boys'.

This is a retrospective of the bands material with some extra's too.  Shame the band didn't do better but I do feel that they were perhaps ahead of their time back then.

Still enjoy.

01 - Video Boys
02 - The Force
03 - Beat Tonight
04 - India
05 - Modern Story
06 - Russian Roulette
07 - Eastern Dream
08 - Video Boys - Alt

Click the link below to download the album:


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

'I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues' is a song by British singer Elton John (with lyrics by Bernie Taupin) featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica. 

The song appeared on the album 'Too Low For Zero' Released as a single in April 1983, the song reached number five in the UK chart and number four in the US chart six months later. The song was also featured on the film soundtrack to Peter's Friends in 1992.

The original music video tells the story of two 1950s-era young lovers who are separated when the man is forced to leave for military training, and then are finally reunited at the end of the song. It was filmed in the Rivoli Ballroom in London and is marked as one of the very few times John has been filmed or videotaped without wearing his trademark eyeglasses.
The song received largely favourable reviews, with Bill Janovitz of Allmusic declaring the song "likely to stand the test of time as a standard."
A fan favorite, John has also performed it live numerous times, occasionally playing it as part of a medley along with his hit "Blue Eyes" (from the 1982 album Jump Up!).

It has gone on to be one of John's most-played songs on radio selections from the 1980s portion of his career. It is also quite well known for being played at Chelsea F.C.'s home matches.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Lord Choc Ice - Choc Ice Goes Mental - B-Side
The Retreat - US B-Side


Echo And The Bunnymen - Rescue

'Rescue' is the second single released by the band Echo and the Bunnymen. It was released on 5 May 1980 and subsequently included on the Crocodiles album, which was released on 18 July 1980.

 It was the band's first single to chart, reaching number 62 on the UK Singles Chart. It was also their first release on the newly formed Korova label.

The single was reissued as a limited edition 7" single on 4 December 2006 on the same label and with the same catalogue number, KOW 1, and reached number 177 on the UK Singles Chart. A promo 7" version was also released by Korova in January 1983.

The song was covered by the Scottish rock group Idlewild on their 2000 single 'These Wooden Ideas'.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Simple Stuff - B-Side
Pride - 12 inch Extra Track

DMC Takedown Notice Received.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blue Zoo - Two By Two - Album

Four-man UK band Blue Zoo released just one album, Two By Two in 1983, produced by Talk Talk's Tim Friese-Greene.  

The album lead off with their sole single, 1982's 'Cry Boy Cry', which peaked at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart.


01 - Cry Boy Cry
02 - John's Lost
03 - Far Cry
04 - (You Can) Count On Me
05 - Love Moves In Strange Ways
06 - (I Just Can't) Forgive and Forget
07 - I'm Your Man
08 - Open Up
09 - Can't Hold Me Down
10 - Something Familiar

Click the link below to download the album:


Circuit 7 - Modern Story

Here is the second of the Circuit 7 singles to feature on this blog and the last one as they only released 2.

Like the other single featured 'Video Boys', 'Modern Love' also failed to light up the charts and the band disbanded and disappeared from the music industry, as far as I can find out.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Eastern Dream - B-Side


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Doris D And The Pins - Starting At The End - Album

Doris D And The Pins released their album 'Starting At The End' in 1984.

The single of the same name was also released and became a cult hit but tensions in the band ultimately lead to the disbandment in 1985.

Still the album is fun to listen to.

01 - Starting At The End
02 - Girlfriend
03 - And Again
04 - If Only
05 - Let It Shine
06 - Music Is
07 - It's Only Make Believe
08 - Aiyo
09 - Everybody Is Doing Their Thing
10 - Carousel
11 - Heartache

Click the link below to download the album:


Spangs - Who Invited You anyway

The second single by the Group Spangs was entitled 'Who Invited You Anyway'.

Released in 1981 the single didn't manage to light up the charts and the band disbanded not long after that.

Other than this I cannot find out any other information on the group.

Still this is another example of getting a single on the cover alone.  A great find.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Duo Tones - B-Side


Monday, 7 May 2012

Circuit 7 - Video Boys

Circuit 7 is a 2-piece minimal synth collective.

The two members were Martyn Good and Andy Partington, and this seems to be their only musical venture.

Circuit 7 released their single 'Video Boys' in 1984.  The single failed to light up the charts.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
The Force - B-Side


The Wild Swans - Revolutionary Spirit

The Wild Swans are a post-punk band from Liverpool, England, which originally formed in 1980 shortly after Paul Simpson (ex-keyboards) left The Teardrop Explodes and teamed up (on vocals) with Jeremy Kelly (guitar), Ged Quinn (keyboards), James Weston (bass) and Justin Stavely (drums).

The band's personnel has been subject to regular turnover, with Simpson being the only constant member.

The original incarnation of The Wild Swans lasted until 1982, issuing one single.

An opportunity arose when Pete de Freitas of Echo and the Bunnymen (an old friend and flatmate of Simpson's) agreed to fund their first single 'The Revolutionary Spirit' (1982, Zoo Records).

De Freitas, who ended up financier, drummer and producer for the single, was credited under his middle names, Louis Vincent. Bassist for the group at the time was Rolo McGinty, who would leave the group shortly after the release of the single, and found The Woodentops.

Despite turning out to be Zoo's last ever release, the single received a measure of critical acclaim and in time, developed cult status.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
God Forbid - B-Side


Friday, 4 May 2012

Paul Johnson - No More Tomorrows

Paul Johnson began singing in school and church while living in New York during the 1970's and later worked with one of the UK’s pioneering contemporary Gospel bands, Paradise and also sang with the London Community Gospel Choir.

Produced by Jolley And Swain 'No More Tomorrows' was released in 1989 and managed to make it to number 67 in the UK Single Chart.

I do have a request.  I had not heard of this song or the previous post before until my partner Mark played them.  Really liked them so raided his collection to put up here.

However he didn't have the B-Sides to this single called 'I Don't Care' and 'Hold On I'm Commin'.  If any one  has these then please let me know so I can add them here.

Also if anyone has his 2 albums for download let me know as I would like to hear them.  I just love discovering new stuff.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version


Paul Johnson - When Love Comes Calling

Paul Johnson has worked with an extensive range of artists in the late 80's and early 90's.  Johnson began singing  gospel in the 70's in New York.  It wasn't until Johnson's meeting with Junior Giscombe that his singing career started to take shap.

'When Love Comes Calling' was Johnson's first single. Released in early 1987 the single managed to make it to number 52 in the UK Singles Charts.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Extended Version
Don't Pass Me By - B-Side


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hazel O'Conner - Sons And Lovers - Album

Hazel O'Conner released her second studio album entitled 'Sons And Lovers' in 1980.  Following on from the success of her previous album 'Breaking Glass', 'Sons And Lovers' failed to enter the UK Album Charts.

Apparently the album was inspired by a trip to a night club in London's West End where O'Connor met a lot of bizarre looking people

The album did produce one hit single being 'D-Day' which made it to number 10 in the UK Singles Charts. Two further singles were released but not in the UK.  'Zoo' was released in Germany only while 'Do What you do' was released in Europe.

01 - D-Days
02 - Waiting
03 - Who Will Care?
04 - Zoo
05 - Gigolo
06 - Do What You Do
07 - Sons And Lovers
08 - Glass Houses
09 - Ain't It Funny
10 - Danny Boy
11 - Bye Bye
12 - Time (Ain't On Our Side)

Click the link below to download the album:


Dream Sequence - Outside Looking In

Jolley And Swain produced a range of artist.

In 1982 they produced the single 'Outside Looking In' by the Dream Sequence.

It failed to light up the charts.

The B-Side 'Jacqueline' I do not have. So if anyone has this can they please let m eknow.  Thank you

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Extended Version


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

General Public - I'll Take You There

General Public released 'I'll Take You There' in 1994.

Taken from the soundtrack to the movie 'Threesome' the single became a hit in the US where it became number 1 on the US Dances Charts. The single also managed to make it to number 22 on the US Hot 100 while getting to number 8 in New Zealand, number 14 in Canada and number 73 in the UK Singles Charts.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
Baby Says Huh Dub Version
Extended Version
Hoya Tribe Trip Version
Sunshine Radio Mix
Save It For Later - Live - B-Side


Five Star - Someone's In Love

'Someone's In Love' is the name of a 1988 US only remixed single by British pop group Five Star.

 It reached number 36 on the US R and B Billboard chart. The single was the third of five releases from their album Rock The World.

Doris sang the lead vocals on this track rather than sister Denise, who was lead singer on all of Five Star's singles up to this point.

The Radio Mix was used on the US edition of the Rock The World album.

Click the download link to download the following:
Album Version
Dub Version
R and B Dance Mix
Rare Groove - B-Side


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Doris D And The Pins - Starting At The End

Doris D And The Pins Hi-Nrg hit 'Starting At The End' was released in 1984.

The song was written by E. Mergency, Jochem Fluitsma, Lisa Boray and T. Rigger.

The record was arranged and produced by Jacques Zwart, a.k.a. E. Mergency.

 I just adore the ultra-fast 'Starting at The End.' It's the ultimate in peak dance floor fun.

The B-Side is an edited version, while the Disconet Remix is over 9 minutes long.

The song also featured on an episode of The Kids From Fame called 'The Home Front'.
12 inch Mix
12 inch B-Side Mix
Disconet Mix
If Only - B-Side

Click on the download link.

Nightmares In Wax - Birth Of A Nation

It was only after rehearsing in 1977 with some friends that Pete Burns realized he really did have a powerful singing voice, and his first band was an outfit he formed with friends Julian Cope, Pete Wylie, and Phil Hurst.

Dubbing themselves The Mystery Girls, they played only one gig (opening for Sham 69 at Eric's in Liverpool in November 1977) before disintegrating.

Burns returned in 1979 with a new band, Nightmares in Wax, featuring a gothic post-punk sound, with backing from Hurst, keyboardist Martin Healy, bassist Walter Ogden, and guitarist Mick Reid.

Nightmares in Wax played their first gig at Eric's in February 1979, and were signed to the associated Eric's Records label, although their only recording, a three-track 7 inch EP entitled 'Birth of a Nation', was released in 1980 by Inevitable Records.

Two 12-inch singles were released featuring tracks from the 'Birth Of A Nation' single.
The first featured the two tracks from the EP, 'Black Leather' and 'Shangri-La', while the second featured all the tracks and was released in 1985).

The EP featured 'Black Leather', which halfway through turned into K.C. & the Sunshine Band's 'That's the Way' (a song later revived by Dead or Alive).

Click the Download link below to download the following:
Black Leather
Girl Song