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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Culture Club - From Luxury To Heartache - Album

'From Luxury to Heartache' is the name of Culture Clubs 4th album which was released in 1986. The album was a deliberate departure for Culture Club, a move away from the reggae-flavoured pop of their previous releases into dance-oriented music. Veteran pop and R&B producer Arif Mardin, replaced Steve Levine, in a bid to revitalise the band's sound. Due to lead singer Boy George's growing addiction to drugs, recordings dragged on for so long that Mardin had to disband the sessions and leave it up to engineer Lew Hahn to record the final vocals. Songs like 'Gusto Blusto' and 'Reasons' took days for the addicted singer to finish.

Following the release of the album, rumours of George's heroin addiction began to circulate in the tabloids, and by the summer of 1986, he announced that he was indeed addicted to drugs. In July, he was arrested by the British police for possession of cannabis. Several days later, keyboardist Michael Rudetsky, who played on the album and had co-written 'Sexuality' with George, was found dead of a heroin overdose in George's home.

Despite selling a little less than a million records worldwide and chart success with the opening track 'Move Away', Boy George decided for a solo career within a year of the album's release. 'God Thank You Woman' was the second single in UK but only reached number 31 in the chart while in the US 'Gusto Blusto' was chosen, but didn't chart (the single didn't have a video and probably this is the reason that it did not enter the US chart). The next single 'Heaven's Children' was planned to be released in July but after the lack of success of 'God Thank You Woman' the release was cancelled. The album is a departure from the big sellers that Culture Club came to expect. Even Helen Terry, who I consider the 5th member of Culture Club, isn't present as much as on previous albums. Jocelyn Brown assisted with the backing vocals on this release. However, this is a good album or is it becouse I am biased?

Track listing

01 - Move Away
02 - I Pray
03 - Work On Me Baby
04 - Gusto Blusto
05 - Heaven's Children
06 - God Thank You Woman
07 - Reasons
08 - Too Bad
09 - Come Clean
10 - Sexuality

Click the link to download the album:



  1. Great blog! I found it today when I googled Culture Club. Though I was born in 1991 I really think the 80's was the best decade. I can't understand why this wonderful blog has so few visitors.

  2. Thank you for the comment RBH. I only started the site about 6 weeks ago and put the counter on a couple of weeks ago. I also have not publicised the site as yet. The visits are from people who are just finding it like you.

    Have to agree about the 80's. I grew up then and loved the veried types of music which is why I started the site as I had, and still get, the music that I loved back then.

    The culture club was the first oe on them and there weill be many many more to put as they were one of my favourite bands of that decade.

    If there is any other artist that you would liket o see then let me know and I will see if I have it.

    In the meantime the site has a Forum that you can join, in conjunction with my partners site Fame. Again there are not many users but we hope that this will increase in time.

    Again thank you for your kind words and hope that you will keep in touch.