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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses - Album

'Music for the Masses' is the sixth studio album by Depeche Mode. Released by Mute Records on September 28, 1987, it provided the band with mainstream success in the United States for the first time since Some Great Reward. It was supported by the Music for the Masses Tour, which compiles material into the band's first live album 101.

The album became the band's highest-charting in the US upon its release, reaching number 35 on the Billboard 200. It also contained more hit singles than any of their previous releases. While there was no extremely popular single from the album - 'People Are People' from Some Great Reward reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100), the three singles that were released all made it onto the Hot 100, a feat that hadn't been achieved by any Depeche Mode single after those from Some Great Reward. Moreover, all three singles achieved modest success on the chart.

The first single from the album, 'Strangelove', only reached number 76 and spent 6 weeks on the chart upon its initial release. 'Never Let Me Down Again' was then issued and hit number 63, spending 10 weeks on the chart. Its success was duplicated by 'Behind the Wheel' which had a similar chart run. This propelled a re-released 'Strangelove' (as "Strangelove '88") to number 50, making it the highest-charting single from the album.

The story was similar in the United Kingdom. While no single reached the chart heights of Depeche Mode's early career, 'Strangelove' narrowly became the band's second-highest charting single since 1984 when it hit number 16. The two follow-up singles charted in the upper 20s. The album was less successful, reaching only number 10, though it was a major success throughout Europe. Generally, this album and its extracted singles continued the trend for Depeche Mode's releases to chart higher in Continental Europe than in their home country: 'Strangelove' and 'Never Let Me Down Again' both hit number 2 on the singles chart in what was then West Germany, 'Behind The Wheel' hit number 6 there, and 'Little 15' reached number 16.

The Music for the Masses Tour was one of Depeche Mode's biggest, notably because of the sell-out Pasadena Rose Bowl show where the band performed to around 65,000 fans, cementing their place in United States alternative culture. This made the band question if they had reached the peak of their careers, according to the 101 DVD, a documentary on the concert, but put that notion to rest with Violator, which was even more successful.


01 - Never Let Me Down Again
02 - The Things You Said
03 - Strangelove
04 - Sacred
05 - Little 15
06 - Behind the Wheel
07 - I Want You Now
08 - To Have and to Hold
09 - Nothing
10 - Pimpf

Bonus Tracks

11 - Agent Orange
12 - Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
13 - To Have and to Hold (Spanish Taster)
14 - Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix)

Click the link below to download the album


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