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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

'Everything Counts' is Depeche Mode's eighth UK single - released on 11 July 1983, and third US single -released on 2 November 1983, from the then upcoming album Construction Time Again.

It was the first in a long line of industrial-inspired singles released by the band, and has been referred to as "arguably...the first English-language industrial pop hit." The single was re-released (in live format) on 13 February 1989 (25 March 1989 in the US) to support the live album 101.

In January 1983, shortly before the release of the 'Get the Balance Right!' single, lyricist Martin Gore attended an Einst├╝rzende Neubauten concert, giving him the idea to experiment with the sounds of industrial music in the context of pop. This experimentation hinged on the band's first use of a Synclavier, a synthesizer that not only contained a large number of pre-programmed sounds, but also allowed for samples to be imported. With this, the band proceeded to travel around the neighbourhood where they could tape "found" sounds and feed them into the Synclavier, then manipulate the noises to fit into their songs. These sounds consisted mainly of hammering anvils, clanging pipes, running water, and the like. In addition to the "found" sounds used as samples, the single also samples a variety of musical instruments, such as the xylophone and a melodica (which Martin has been known to play on stage for the song). That spring, the band converged in London to begin recording their third album, Construction Time Again, and changed recording studios as well. For the previous two albums, the band had recorded at Blackwing Studios, but would switch to John Foxx's "The Garden" studio. This change, along with the addition of Gareth Jones to the production team facilitated the band's transition from the hook driven pop songs of their past (a transition that had begun to take shape in 1982 with the more noticeably melancholy 'Leave in Silence. The band continued perfecting their industrial formula over their next two albums, 1984's Some Great Reward and 1986's Black Celebration.

In addition to the change in the band's musical influence, the single would introduce a transition in lyrical content as well. Construction Time Again would include a bevy of political themes, sparked by the poverty Gore had seen on a recent trip he had taken to Thailand. These themes were in stark contrast from the inoffensive, love-themed pop numbers of the band's early career. 'Everything Counts', specifically addresses corporate greed and corruption in the music industry, as the chorus sings of "grabbing hands" that "grab all they can". Perhaps surprisingly, the single was released at a time when the band itself was not under a formal contract with Mute Records.

It was also the first song in the band's catalogue which includes both of the band's singers prominently (at different times). Lead vocalist David Gahan sings the verses, while song writer Martin Gore sings the chorus.

The music video for 'Everything Counts' was directed by Clive Richardson in and around Berlin. The band returned to Richardson after not being satisfied with the work of Julien Temple for the A Broken Frame singles. Richardson had previously directed the video to 'Just Can't Get Enough' two years earlier. According to Wilder, "It was felt that after the Julien Temple years, we needed to harden up not only our sound but also our image. Clive had lots of new ideas which didn't involve stupid storyboards where we were required to act."

In the original music video, the xylophone, the melodica, and the shawm are played by Alan Wilder, Martin Gore, and Andrew Fletcher, respectively. The shawm, however, is produced by a synthesizer on the studio recording, but the band used the real shawm in the music video and television performances for show.

The 'Everything Counts (Live)' video was directed by D.A. Pennebaker. The video not only includes portions of the live performance, but also contains various references to the money made from merchandise and ticket sales at the concert, humorously connected to the theme of corruption and greed of the song.

Click the link below to download the following:
Single Version
in Larger Amounts - 12 inch mix
D.I.N Remix

Extended Stratosphere Remix
Dub Version
Roger Sanchez Remix
Work Hard - B-Side
Work Hard - East End 12 inch Mix


Depeche Mode - Everything Counts - Video

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  1. I love this song ... and your blog! Which file is the dub version? I can't seem t find it.