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Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Human League - Love Action (I Belive In Love)

'Love Action (I Believe in Love)' was released as a single, in the UK, by the group The Human League in July 1981. It peaked at number three in the UK Singles Chart, the band's first Top 10 success.

The song was written jointly by lead singer Philip Oakey and keyboard player Ian Burden and features lead vocal by Oakey and female backing vocals by Susanne Sulley (now Susan Ann Sulley) and Joanne Catherall.

'Love Action (I Believe in Love)' was the second of three songs from the Dare album to be released in advance of the album itself in 1981. It was released as a double A-side single with the non-album track 'Hard Times.

The song is a semi-autobiographical account of Oakey’s relationships. Oakey often refers to himself and at one point uses the lyric "this is Phil talking." The line was inspired by Iggy pop's line "Jesus, this is Iggy". The Human League had previously supported Iggy Pop live. Oakey borrows from another of his influences and the title 'Love action (I Believe in Love)' is named after the Lou eed song 'I Believe in Love'. The song contains another cryptic reference to Lou Reed in the lyric, "I believe what the old man said". Oakey, speaking in 1982 said, "no one ever asks me who the old man is... it's Lou (Reed)."

The single was designated 'Red' on the Human League’s short lived, self imposed labeling system of 'Blue' for pop songs and 'Red' for dance tracks.

The single made number 3 in the UK charts and placed The Human League in the forefront of media attention. It also renewed Virgin Records' faith in the band and guaranteed the release of the album that was to become Dare, just four months later.

Originally the song was released without a promotional video. The reason was that in 1981 promotional videos were still rare, very expensive and only very high-profile bands received them. At this point the Human League were not sufficiently marketable to warrant the expense of a video.

In 1982, for the U.S. release of 'Love Action', a video was shot retrospectively. The storyline is loosely based on the 1968 film The Graduate. The opening scene is an exact copy of the church scene from the film with Oakey taking Dustin Hoffman's role. The majority of the video was filmed on a derelict South London council estate. Most of the female camera time goes to Joanne Catherall, in a wedding dress for the first half. Susan Ann Sulley throws a temper tantrum in her main scene throwing objects around a flat. She accidentally manages to score a direct hit on the camera and a production crew member with a flying lamp. She momentarily breaks character and cringes as she realizes she's just hit one of the crew.

Click the link below to download the following:
Extended Club Mix
Single Version
Full 12 inch Mix
12 inch Mix Extended
League Unlimited Orchestra
Instrumental abstraction Mix
12 inch Mix
Hard Times - B-Side


The Human League - Love Action (I Believe In Love) - Video

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